Our Solutions

Our Solutions are being used in the public sector of the Economy, by Higher institution of learning and by small and large companies nationwide. Our software is well thought out and thorough and we constantly upgrade to the latest and the most appropriate technology available in the industry in-order to serve the latest and the best solutions to our clients.

We have developed various application solutions in following areas.

  • LICASOTM – Library Services Software.
  • MISATM - Management Information System Administration. (ERP).
  • LISATM Land Information Software and Administration.
  • AWARISTM Agriculture and Water Resources Software.
  • GISATM Geographical Information Software and Administration.
  • EXCHEQUERTM Bank and Financial Service Software.
  • ACADATATM - Academic Process Administration Solution (ERP).

    Third Party Software
    We have also enriched our abilities to deliver world class solutions better by partnering with IBM Software Group, ACCPAC, People Soft Inc, Infomix, Oracle, Microsoft and Adobe to distribute and deployed the following software:
  • IBM Lotus Domino and Tivoli
  • IBM DB2 and Websphere


Infosol offers higher Institution the opportunity of being one of the fore runners of E-learning by offering ACADATATM Collegiate e-solution.

ACADATATM Collegiate e-solution takes the weight of repeated communication off the Institutions academic and non academic staff and gives it to the all-day, all-night, ever reliable, able hands of the World Wide Web – the greatest productivity booster of the 21st century. This ensures that the Institution carries out her responsibilities to her beneficiaries even while “she sleeps” – unattended, unsupervised, year in year out.
It also ensures that the Institution’s financial requirements from her beneficiaries are met also while “she sleeps”.

ACADATA offers to higher Institutions – indescribable efficiency ….and…yes, there is more to it. Unlike competing financial portal solutions being touted by certain financial Institutions as e-learning solutions, ACADATA offers you a Payment solution in addition to a complete collegiate portal – it is the ultimate 2 in one offer!
…And there is much more…

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  • Programming languages: .Net, PERL, C#, JavaScript, Visual Basic,PHP, Java,

  • Web technologies: HTML, XHTML, XML, AJAX, DOM, CSS, XSLT

  • J2EE Application Servers: Oracle AS, BEA Weblogic, JBoss

  • Databases: Oracle, MS SQL Server,MySQL, MS Access, ODBC, JDBC, XML Datafile

Software Development

InfosolTM Software & W.A Ltd has delivered a number of cost effective and high-quality software solutions for a wide range of industries. These solutions includes consumer and business consulting, website/web-portal designing and development.

Website Designing & Development

We are a software development & web design company providing web designing, web development, offshore outsourcing services like web maintenance and web marketing.

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